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Williams-Sonoma, Inc. is an American publicly traded consumer retail company that sells kitchen-wares and home furnishings. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. The company has 625 brick and mortar stores and distributes to more than 60 countries with brands including Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PBteen, Williams Sonoma, Williams Sonoma Home and West Elm.

Jennifer shared her outrage, "So, I had two negative experiences ordering from West Elm in the past couple months. My previous experience with the company was okay, I guess that's why they were able to get me twice in a row... The first incident involved a shelf. I ordered two. After putting up the first one, satisfied, I unboxed the second and discarded the packaging. When I finally got around to hanging the second shelf I found that it wasn't square (the vertical bracket and horizontal shelf are one piece), so anything placed on the shelf would slide off.

After contacting customer service they said they would send a new shelf once I sent back the defective one. That's right, like another reviewer here, I was appalled that they wanted me to go through the motions of returning a defective item during a pandemic (I sent them pictures). They waste my time sending me a defective product (where's the QC) and then I have to waste more time returning said useless product to them??

The second incident came when I ordered a table on July 14th. About 2 weeks later, I received a text to schedule my delivery. I scheduled for Sunday, July 26th. They sent a confirmation with a delivery window. I waited all day that day, no delivery and no call. I tried calling the number on the confirmation email but they were closed on Sunday!! So I call customer service on Monday and, after being passed around, was finally told that my order never arrived at my local hub so they couldn't deliver it. So why didn't they call to tell me that?? When I check the status of my order online it says "Delivered on July 26th".

It's now August 15th. I've called 6 times to find out where the table is, worried that the erroneous status will cause further confusion with delivery. Each time I'm promised a call back from someone at the delivery hub, each time no one contacts me. I just called back to cancel the order. At this point I just want my money back. The woman says I should receive an email regarding my refund. Still haven't received that email, but the order status online now says "return started"...ummm, no! I NEVER received the table. How can I return it?! I just want to cancel this order and get my money! I have a feeling I have many more customer service calls in my future until I get my ~$1500 refunded... Never ordering from this company again."


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Current Employee - Designer says

"the way they treat employees"

Former Employee - Stylist says

"-Toxic environment -Sales targets and pressure but no commission -Management doesn’t treat the employees well, even though they seem to do so at the beginning -you have to deal with customer complains you can do nothing about"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"terrible managment, no support or mentorship"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Very nice people to work alongside if your intention is to make friends but professionally not as great if you expect to carry out your “supposed” role for the company. I always noticed associates being kindly passed off managerial work so the manager could get out of doing more tasks. As associates we're almost treated as if were on call even “TEXTED” about times we need to show up to work sometimes at the very last minute. EVERYONE would literally complain together in secret about quitting last year in the fall especially when the manager continued to carelessly arrive 2 hrs late to work constantly bragging about the boyfriend, cycling, yoga or hair appointments set at the time of the shift still having the nerve to kindly or indirectly confront others about being 10 mins late. Many people have secretly and angrily taken note of this kind off brazenness and felt encouraged to finally look for another job and quit for their growing lack of respect for the manager."

Current Employee - Visual Merchandiser says

"Not paid enough for essentially doing three jobs in one. Havent learnt a lot since starting and there was no training."

Former Employee - Visual Manager says

"Finally getting around to posting this. At first I thought that working for West Elm was a dream come true! Until I realized that it was like working at a Gap disguised as a furniture store. Staff seemed either confused, miserable, and/or poorly trained, and no effort was made by management to train them. Was more important to walk around with a fake smile, and say hello to every person in the store instead of Making any real effort whatsoever . . . Then talk smack behind their backs. None of the other managers I met (company wide) had furniture or design backgrounds. Zero creativity involved. The merchandising is directed by corporate who favors robots to carry it out. No critical thinking skills necessary. It’s all spoon fed to you. Sales associates are cross-trained on everyone’s jobs, and must sell as if they work on commission, yet earn slightly more than minimum wage. More emphasis on pushing credit cards, rules, and procedures than on doing what’s right by the customer. At the end of the day, working at West Elm is sadly just another retail job. I lasted there for six weeks until my creative soul had nearly collapsed, I called out, and never went back."

Former Employee - Inventory Management says

"Poor management. The turnover rate in inventory management has been atrocious. This was not the case several years ago when the team was led by an exceptional leader. This should be the first writing on the wall to corporate that something just isn't right. Upper management is downright nasty (borderline verbally abusive) to direct reports and it is tolerated. Management takes no accountability for not giving proper direction. When elevated, this unfortunately does not get addressed and the more junior level associate is indirectly punished or decides to quit. Systems are basically non-existent and the ones that do exist there is no one who knows how to properly use them. Everything is very antiquated and takes ten times longer than it should. OTB should not be Excel based for a company of this size. Hours are extremely long and there is no work life balance. There are so many unnecessary last minute fire drills. It was common to miss scheduled exercise classes, dinners, etc. post work hours. There are very few working parents here or they have full-time help/rarely see their children. Pay is not competitive for NYC. If you come in with fair compensation be prepared for no future raises."

Former Employee - Manager says

"This company goes against everything they stand for. Their ‘Howards rules’ and ‘People first’ mantra is a complete mockery of how the place is truly run. We should be celebrating our growth not punished by poor choices of senior management. What were they thinking when they decided to put a loathsome woman in charge with her self-serving agenda driving away all their managers? Its a shame that the brand is suffering due to an oversight. What was once a potential game changer in the homewares market is now a sinking ship."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Corporate have no idea or don't care about the amount of customer service issues, delivery issues to customers and our store. So much pressure placed on us to reduce payroll but nothing done from the top to fix the real issues. IT is in the dark ages and barely works half the time. The amount of these issues daily stops us from giving the best service. Now I have witnessed the most disgusting behavior by head office. They got rid of the one person I enjoyed working for and have replaced her with the most vile person anyone has worked with. I dont understand how these decisions are made when the person they promote has had multiple complaints made about them and they continue to have all their managers quit. Its only a matter of time now before more people go."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Extremely poor management, poor training and pressure to perform"

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"In over 15 years of retail I have never worked for a company as chaotic as this. Trust all the customer and employee reviews saying how terrible the environment is."

design associate/sales (Former Employee) says

"They don’t see value in you and what you may have to offer. All the managers were awful. The pay was lousy and I just can’t recommend working here. If you don’t suck up to the managers, you will not be offered a full time job.None I can think ofToo many to say"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working at West Elm was difficult on many levels - I came into a business that was under staffed, not making their monthly goals, credit card quotas were not a company standards and their interior design business was not flourishing."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"This company does not think at all for the people. Training there is none you get pushed right out into the floor after day one. Talk about teamwork as well, all managers don’t care for one another and truly care about their departments. This place is far from collaborative and when there’s a customer service issue haha watch out most staff have to handle it over the management team. And as for people first attitude in what they believe in that stops at store level and will always forever be non existent in this conpany"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Since he store has opened only one regular sales associate has remained there and even with that one, she hasn't moved up. Management plays favorites and plays with hours and the employees."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Worked in the Brooklyn photo studio and had a truly terrible experience. Over worked and under appreciated, grossly unprofessional, I would not recommend anyone work for this company in any capacity."

Visual Associate (Former Employee) says

"While working at west elm can be a rewarding experience, it can also be a very stressful and defeating experience. The environment can be friendly some days, and just downright hostile others. Like some previous employees have mentioned, the GM is not professional. It was a constant struggle to gauge what kind of mood she was in, and on top of that, the GM will talk badly about the employees and customers when she thinks no one else is around her. There have been many times where I have seen her be rude to her employees, and even towards customers. Ultimately I ended up leaving West Elm in Summit because it became such an uncomfortable work place . I much rather work at a place where my hard work and efforts are appreciated . The gm in the summit store cares more about making sales than treating her employees fairly and making customers feel valued . There is absolutely no training, my first two weeks were spent fumbling around for answers and how to do things properly. Overall, this store is disorganized, customer service is lacking, but if you are good at selling products and have really thick skin, you may be able to survive this particular west elm.DiscountGm/management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Normally when you think about a job you expect learning and growth. It you are not learning and growing maybe you would be paid well. Neither of these is the case. Poor to no benefits, horrible unlivable wages and the managers do not care about you or the customers for that matter.Discount on the furniturePay, lack of benefits, no growth and poor management."

Maintenance Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management not experienced and didn't lean much on the job.noneno comment"

Stock Person (Current Employee) says

"When I was given hours, a typical day would consist of me coming in, opening boxes that last shift didn't finish. Than after those boxes were taken care of searching for things to do & completing them as quickly as possible. Management is very bad. All but one needs to be retrained. My co-workers were great. The hardest part of the job was dealing with said managers. The most enjoyable part was interacting with customers & helping them to their car."

Design Consultant/sales (Former Employee) says

"Some of my friends have worked or currently work at West Elm. Like any large business they take advantage of employees; extremely low pay $14 an hour even after years of working there. Cut everyone to 70% pay during pandemic so they wouldn't qualify for unemployment or $600 Federal PUA. There is no culture or management caring for employees; extremely high turnover and staffing shortages."

In Home Stylist (Former Employee) says

"Training of employees is not a priority for West Elm as a result there is poor customer service and unusually high employee turnover and a poor company culture."

Design Consultant (Current Employee) says

"This is an all-around shady company. I started working here in hopes of being promoted to corporate. After an entire year of working hard, hitting my sales goals, and proving myself, I was written up for having one bad sales month. I used to enjoy talking to clients and finding an item that they like; however, the longer I work for this company, the more stressful the environment becomes. Motivation is based on threats (ie. "If you don't hit your numbers you'll lose your job" or "Even though you're full time, we only scheduled you 20 hours because we're giving hours to the people who sell"). They have taken all the fun out of the job.40% Discount at Family of BrandsTerrible Clients, Terrible Hours, Terrible Product, Too Much Stress"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"It was an alright job overall and the other sales associates were nice people but the GM made going to work not fun. GM is extremely awful and doesn't care for its employees or customers, makes rude remarks, talks bad about employees who have left and has been disrespectful to many of its employees AND customers alike. A lot of good employees, including past managers have left because of GM's attitude. I'm surprised that the company hasn't fired this manager yet since it has come to the corporate's attention not only by employees but also by customers. GM is also bothered when call onto the floor and spends most of the time downstairs in the office. Company as a whole is not that great either, there's no advancement and they don't want to hire full time employees even if you're good at what you do and are willing to work full time hours. They don't address complaints, in this case complaints that were made of said manager. The company is a bit unorganized, customer service is also awful as they are no help to customers or even to employees who are trying to help customers in store. The job is fairly easy if you've worked in retail before. You just need to familiarize yourself with the furniture ( learn the names and material they come in) to better assist your customers, and it would help if you're into interior design and decorating as many customers will want help on how to style their table or put together bedding and help pair them with curtains or something like that. But it can also get stressful when you have needy customers complaining to you with things you40% discountGM is awful"

Design Team (Former Employee) says

"Just don't work for them. I worked for West Elm as I thought I could advance to corporate management and work with the lead design team in the future. They don't like to look within their own company and utilize each skill set a person has to offer. It's a shame."

Visual Merchandiser (Current Employee) says

"Managers do not want you to progress for fear of taking their positions. The moment I advised my mgr I was interested in growing with the company, she tried sabatoging my work performance & personal character. Pay raises are pointless for the dedication & work visual merchandisers perform."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you're thinking of working at this West Elm store in Highland Village , Houston, think again. The store looks so beautiful and peaceful on the outside, but behind the scenes it's horrible. The hardest part? The manager is the worst: lacking in intelligence , dishonest, biased towards favorites and brutally indifferent to customers, denying even modest discounts even when it costs the store a several thousand- dollar sale. In 6 months, she has arrived to work over two hours late 4 times, causing employees to wait for her and share her fraudulent and false recording of hours worked in the system to cover her tracks. Sales associates stand around eating, talking with one another and ignoring customers. Stock is a disorganized mess, and the items that show on the computer as in stock are lost in the mess, so often stock workers just say " we don't have it" because they can't or don't want to find it. Sales and discounts are confusing and mis-matched so that few know how they combine. The management stresses getting every customer's email, so they can send junk-mail as the cheapest marketing tool they can find. Instead of working together as a team, sales associates compete with one another but only the favorites of the manager, M & C, get significant hours. The rest must be content with 10-20 hours/week and even that fluctuates wildly sometimes getting zero hours in a given week. Prices of items put out by the visual merchandising team are frequently wrong, and many items don't have prices marked at all. The sales team is lazy, totally lacking in any professional40% employee discounthorrible management, low pay, few hours, and gossiping among workers"

Visual Merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't work there again. The job wasn't for me. I didn't feel like I could grow within the company. There are some good people working there but the bad ones made it very hard to get the job done."

Visual Display Associate (Former Employee) says

"Like many others, I was seduced by the fun and easy store ambiance which betrays the reality of what lies beneath:a highly stressful operation that is barely able to contain the chaos. The store is massive and only shows half of available merch. Large crowds swarm the store and run you around mercilessly for desperately needed pillows and other adequate apartment sized furniture that is just barely above IKEA in quality. Confusion over numerous differing sales and coupons in competing company channels makes for inconsistency and confusion. Laborious, confusing, and time exhaustive process of ordering, since it mostly all done online. The "ever dissapearing" Walkie-Talkies blasting in your eye constantly. Frustrated customers who overwhelm a scare staff (when they can get their attention). Broken furniture, an overworked and angry stock team. Only 2 non-manager employees get full-time hours and the lion's share of the sales. Bitter co-workers who seem to quit on a weekly basis. No one is happy here. The overburdened and insensitive manager can barely keep it together. In my years of retailing, I have never seen it as bad as it is here. Too many needy customers (lots of ego-driven energy vampires), too many items not immediately available, not enough employees, Too many unfulfilled promises by management-made during hiring process leads many to quit prematurely. You will feel like a caged animal that is constantly pushed and pulled-on. Not worth the discount to go through all this.40% Employee discount on top of sales.Inadequate Training. Takes forever to get your discount card/sticker, Direct Deposit, etc."

Home stylist (Current Employee) says

"A horrible, toxic place. Seemed to be really nice at the beginning, but they only care about targets and sales. If you work as a home stylist and expect your role to be creative, just don’t. All that matters is to make some money out of your customer, so you don’t have too much time to work on your presentation. You will face a lot of stressful customer service issues you can do nothing about, and the management will often ignore helping you."

Alanna says

"My experience ordering furniture has been an absolute nightmare. Customer service lies and tells you what you want to hear but does nothing to rectify the problem. My item has been sitting at a hub in my city for over a month and half and I still have no idea when I’ll be getting it. I have to wait 2 weeks for their manager to even get a response for an approval. Do not order from West Elm right now until they get their sh** together, you will be waiting 6 months for your items."

shelly Johnson says

"Ordered a king bed and it took 2 months to arrive. This is really a zero star review. When I checked with delivery service upon arrival it turned out that that they were not doing white glove delivery due to COVID so I had to call and get that refunded. Then I had to hire a company to deliver bed to my cabin and assemble. Upon assembling the guy showed me a defective part in the bed. The center wood support was cut too short and would not connect with the end of the bed so we could not complete assembly. I called customer service and they said to email pictures and they would resolve issue. That was the beginning of December 2020. I never heard back. I called three other times since then and had to re invent the wheel with my explanation and one person told me to send pics to an incorrect email address and the others keep sending me to original email that I already sent pictures to. I am still trying to get it resolved because I can't sleep on the bed I ordered that is in my master bedroom half assembled. Where is the accountability West Elm??? I will be ordering all new furniture from my local stores from now on."

Craig says

"If I could give less than one I would. Ordered some bedroom furniture. One item is too heavy for two people and needs a crew of four. Three times they have turned up with two people despite the last two times knowing they need four. Customer service is based in the USA which isn’t ideal either. I’m disputing with credit card company and getting the order cancelled."

Caroline Fryer says

"The absolute worst customer experience I’ve ever had. I ordered a table which was delivered without all of the parts, and I was told that they’d get in contact with me to schedule a time when they could deliver the remaining parts and assemble the table. After 24 hours of not hearing, I called their customer service line who basically told me to continue waiting until the delivery service reached out to me. I called again the next day and explained the situation to a different representative and she said she would cancel the order and replace it, and that I would receive confirmation in 24 hours. I never received confirmation so I called yet again and was told I’d hear about the delivery by the end of the week. When the end of the week came and went, I called and was told that the missing part was unavailable and wouldn’t be able to ship for another 6 weeks. ADDITIONALLY, the delivery men scratched my wood floor when moving the table top, which I inquired about the first time I called. Shannon told me to send photos of the damage which I did and I didn’t think much else of it. Now, the next time I called, I was told that nothing had been done on my order because they had never received photos of the floor damage. I’ve now cancelled the order but the entire experience has turned me off from ever ordering from them again. The worst part is that I’ve got a massive concrete table top which is too heavy for me to move, and no one can tell me when it will be picked up so that I can receive a refund. DO NOT SHOP HERE! Unreliable, terrible, poor customer service."

Hanna Kaisa says

"No goods, no refund yet, no replies, simply nothing!
Disappointed, definitely won’t reorder, still waiting for a refund and feel robbed!"

Noble Lesmana says

"I gave one star, because there is nothing lower than 1 star. Worst experience. I placed order on Dec 17, and called 7 times. The order is still stuck on Pending Approval. Their reason is that the payment cannot be verified. However, my AMEX was charged with pre-authorized amount (I have the proof). They just didn’t care. Everytime I called, they asked me to check back in 7 days. Not quite sure why they still exists in e-commerce."

peggy says

"Would give a lower rating if I could.

Ordered a Capiz Chandelier from them FOR $300+. Opened the box 4 MONTHS AFTER I RECEIVED IT when I was ready to install and RUST MARKS had made their way from the metal parts onto the translucent shell parts (it had been stored in an extremely dry room) --- but either way, light fixtures SHOULDN'T RUST. EVER!!!!

I explained the situation when I called and said I wanted a refund (not a replacement as I assumed the same would happen with the next one), and was only allowed a store credit (which I have no use for). So now I have NO light fixture for a home I'm renovating and looking to put on the market, and NO refund. I only have a $300+ credit to a store I'm worried is headed out of business...... based on the reviews here.

Guess I better use it quickly, even tho the only thing I wanted was a chandelier that DIDN'T RUST!!!!!"

Harriette Morley says

"Terrible. I ordered a curtain pole in November, a month later it has still not arrived when it was a 'ready to ship' item. Turns out it had been lost in transit, so they sent a replacement, I rang again at the end of December as it had still not arrived and I found a replacement curtain pole in the mean time. Monday 4th January it finally arrives, I no longer need it and I rang and emailed multiple times to return it and they just don't do it. I am most likely going to have to ring for several hours again before I get my money back.

I also ordered a bed, I paid for assembly. The couriers left me with a broken bed and informed me West Elm would send a technician out to fix the bed. I rang multiple times, this never happened. So then I rang up again to return the bed instead, again, I had to ring multiple times to get the bed finally collected, and yet again I had to ring multiple times to get the money refunded. Overall I am guessing I have spent 3-4 hours on the phones altogether with West Elm. Its just not worth your energy ordering from them."

Rachel Rees-Hughes says

"Do not use this company!
I wish I read the reviews before I ordered the items! I ordered 2 side tables with a discount which when I was invoiced the full amount. I immediately called (20 min wait) and cancelled my order, as Shannon was unable to issue a price change. A week or so later ONE of the two tables delivered to my neighbour. Paperwork stating 2 had been delivered. Called again (20 min wait) to tell them of this. The next thing I was charged £627 for TWO tables, but still only have ONE. To cut a very long boring story short after long periods of time in the phone and being told a supervisor will call back I am no further forward. Now UPS tell me today that I have had two deliveries- I have not. Meanwhile, ONE table still in box and £627 out of pocket. I suspect fraudulent activity with this company. DO NOT USE."

Jun Zhang says

"I ordered a dining table in July 2020 with an expected delivery date of August 2020. August comes around and I get a delayed email of 2 weeks from the original delivery date. 2 weeks past and I get another 2 week delay email. 2 weeks after that, ANOTHER 2 week delay email. By this time it is already September so I called customer service and they told me that they are backordered and are expecting to receive stock of this table in October and I should be receiving delivery in November 2020. This was absurd but I had already waited 2 months and it would be too late for me to order another table to make it in time for the holidays so I figured the November 1st, 2020 expected delivery date would suffice. November rolls around and still no delivery and a even more delayed expected delivery. Called customer service once again and was told I would receive the table in December. December rolls around and once again, nothing. Called customer service again and asked to speak to someone higher up because I was tired of the same run-around tricks that previous customer service agents was giving me. The higher up customer service agent I spoke to said that the table is in stock at the warehouse but their warehouse is backed up and aren't making as many deliveries but GUARANTEED us that we would receive it by the next expected delivery date of 12/14/2020. Past that date, I was getting infuriated and know that calling customer service agents was a huge waste of my time because it was nothing but lies and false promises. I drove an hour to my nearest West Elm to inquire about the situation. One of the sales rep there went and escalated a claim for my order and I was contacted a few days later by another customer service agent that told me they weren't receiving stock of that table until NOVEMBER 2021. I asked so why does my expected delivery date keep getting changed and updated to only 2 weeks after each delay because if I had known it would take OVER A YEAR to receive a table, I wouldn't have shopped with you guys from the beginning. If you were to place an order for the table now, the expected delivery date is only 2-3 months but somehow they're not receiving stock until 11 months from now. So they're planning on lying with false promises and giving other customers the same run-around about an earlier delivery date when in fact West Elm CANNOT fulfill ANY of these orders until at least a year later. I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend anyone from buying anything from West Elm, not just their furniture. Shopping experience and customer service is an absolute nightmare."

Kyle Duffy says

"Do not buy anything from this "company". They are a complete joke - I ordered a console table from them in May 2020, only to spend the next 6 months going back and forth with them as they delivered, collected and redelivered the wrong product twice. Their "customer service" simply do not care - I've had to call them countless times and they frequently say they will reach out with information or ask for follow up emails (pictures etc) that are completely ignored/left unactioned. The icing on the cake - before returning the product and giving up, they insist that they have to collect the item and receive it into their warehouse (as they don't trust their own courier?) before they will refund you. This is completely illegal within the UK and doesn't even match the T&Cs on their UK website, which their customer services rep accepted, yet still they insist on this being "Company policy".

In summary, never order anything from these people. The products simply aren't worth the ineptitude and god awful customer service. I wish I'd seen this page before making the mistake of purchasing from them."

Wes. says

"Bought a not-inexpensive light fixture and rug, and they sold/sent me an open box for the fixture instead complete with the previous return slip inside from the previous purchaser and the word "scrap" sharpied on the side of the box.

Phoned customer service 4 times and each time was brushed off. Called the store directly and they offered a managers discount, but since I didn't want to buy a used light, with no way to confirm what was wrong without installing it first, opted to return it and reorder.

Asked for a refund and I now have a half dozen miscellaneous charges on my credit card that don't even remotely add up to the total cost of the order (charged more). Phoned customer service to sort this out and was told that they are "authorization charges" and not to worry, that they will be wiped out. I asked what was being authorized, and got told "don't worry".

Apparently the other part of our order has shipped, but I have no confirmations from either WE nor from the shipping company, so who knows where that is.

Disorganized customer service, inexplicable charges. I know and appreciate that they are working hard as is everyone with current COVID precautions, but when you spend the kind of money that WE charges you expect a bit more attention to detail. Will not be shopping with them online again, nor for anything requiring delivery."

E J says

"Awful company.
I ordered a desk in November and now told I don't get it until APRIL. This is only found out after calling up to check on the status.

Been told they have 3 desks available and 44 on back order. HOW IS THIS EFFECTIVE ORDER MANAGEMENT.

Not only this, we also ordered a bed, which has ALSO been delayed by a month.

No helpful information, poor stock and order management. On asking if I will receive an update on the desk at any point they could not answer."

Patricia Grant says

"The worst customer service I have ever encountered. Rude, arrogant and then when I asked to speak to a supervisor after an encounter with a rep who lied to me about a supervisor being on the line ( she could not grasp basic concepts) and told me the fourth time I repeated something very basic not to talk down to her. When I challenged her about having a supervisor on the line she had to admit it was not true. I demanded to speak to a supervisor snd no surprise she cut me off after 30 agonizing minutes with a not smart person. They have lost a customer over an a
Idiotic issue that was their fault. I feel constrained to send a formal letter to the ceo because people like my rep should not be in a position that can create suc I’ll will. Let’s see if they care when I write the letter."

Andrea Passantino says

"the worst. wouldn't let me cancel an item even though it wasn't shipping out for another 2 months. now it's arrived and I can't return because it's out of the return window??? WTH>?"

Emma Pilling says

"The worst customer service I have ever experienced from ordering online - perhaps ordering directly from the shop is different? They use UPS to deliver (also terrible customer service). I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in phone queues to both West Elm & UPS in order to try to return an item and when someone did arrive to collect, they refused to take because I didn't have a label (which I was told they should have brought with them). West Elm offered limited help throughout the process. Such a shame because they do sell some lovely things but this experience has really put me off ordering from them in the future. If they changed delivery company I would be tempted to try out again in the future."

Jared says

"West Elm makes beautiful things. They just don't last very long. Consider this a warning: DON'T EVER EVER BUY AN OFFICE CHAIR FROM WEST ELM. Most reputable office chair manufactures that charge $600+ for an office chair have some sort of guarantee that their chairs won't break in a year, but not West Elm. If the chair were to suddenly collapse after 30 days, it's your problem.

After a few months normal use, the Helvetica Office Chair I bought suddenly stopped raising... the cylinder was broke. I reached out. They told me they would follow up. Nothing. Followed up a year later. Still nothing. Follow up today. They told me can't do anything about it. They couldn't offer any replacement or refund. They wouldn't even give me a discount or credit or any kind.

I would expect this sort of response from Amazon, Clothing company, but a "reputable" furniture brand? No. 30 days and it's not our problem? That's the answer I get. Clearly identifies that they can't stand behind the quality of their products. Must be why they don't have/allow reviews on their website.

What makes this worse... I've been a loyal customer for years. We've bought so much stuff from West Elm and the best response they can give is... "sorry it's past the 30 days"? Are you kidding me? Crate & Barrel, CB2, Room&Board, Article, Anthropologie, Target... here we come."

Mark McAdam says

"This company is running a scam, plain and simple. They owe us over $2,000 for returned (damaged) items and won’t provide us any breakdown of charges, won’t refund the money, and won’t put anything in writing. NEVER AGAIN. THE WORST."

pamela accadia says

"Ordered a beautiful vase on Dec.1, delivery date Dec.16th, paid approx 20% of shipping cost of item. It is now Dec 24th, customer service said it would arrive, 17th, than 22nd. Still no vase. No response from customer service about refund...I would never shop here every again, and will contact our Better Business Bureau to lodge complaint if not rectified by end of month."

Nicole Brodeur says

"Like many on this thread I will confirm that West Elm has the worst customer service. I honestly feel bad for the customer service reps because it is clear that they have been directed to offer no support.... ever. I ordered a couch back in September and paid full price for it. A few days later I see a discount code. I call them up to see if they will honor it. Nope, tough luck. Ok, I am disappointed but get it. The couch is scheduled to arrive before Thanksgiving. A day before my window I get an email, delivery is now pushed to before Christmas. Ok, this is a bummer but I accept it. Shortly before the window again I get an email that my delivery is pushed to mid January. Ok, this is the last straw. I call up West Elm and say what's up? I paid full price for this couch (missing 15-30%) discounts on a $3,500 item for it to be pushed 2 months! They say tough. I say I want to cancel, and am told they put in a request but have to wait 5-7 days to hear if it is approved. Wait 7 days. Call again, was my cancel approved, I want to move on. They tell me they have no record of my cancellation request. I am told again they can put in another cancel request. Get transferred 4x, on the phone for over an hour. Then I am told I am finally being transferred to a supervisor "Amy". I then get a VOICEMAIL BOX"

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